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Bradenton's Premier Physicians for
Children and Adolescents

Bradenton's Premier Physicians for Children and Adolescents

Frequently Asked Questions

Which physician or physician assistant will I see?

You will see the physician, or physician assistant, of your choice depending on his/her availibility. Advance scheduling allows us to best accomodate your preference.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, major credit card and checks are accepted for payment.  We accept credit card payments made by phone.

If my child becomes ill, are same-day appointments available?

Yes. We have appointments available for sick appointments. Please call before 3:45 PM on weekdays and between 9:00 and 10:30 AM on Saturday.

If a serious or urgent medical issue arises when the office is closed, can I contact the doctor?

Yes. A physician, or physician's assistant, can be contacted at all times to address urgent medical issues. Routine concerns and medication prescriptions should be handled during routine office hours. The office is open on Saturday mornings. You must be able to receive calls from a "restricted" telephone number in order for our medical professional to contact you.

If my child has a fever, at what temperature should I become concerned?

Fever is a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Infants under ninety days of age and children with severe symptoms of illness and fever deserve immediate medical attention. Otherwise, the height of the fever is not a reliable indicator of serious illness. Please contact our doctor if you are uncertain regarding your child's condition.

Do I need to register with your office to arrange for newborn care at the hospital?

You do not need to make prior arrangements for our doctors' services. Simply advise your obstetrician that we will be providing medical care for your newborn.

I am pregnant. May I meet with the doctor before my child is born?

We encourage you to meet the doctor before delivery. Schedule a prenatal visit, preferably at least four weeks before the expected birthdate. There is no fee for a prenatal visit.

Do you provide care for newborns and children at the hospital?

Yes. We practice at Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.

Do you perform newborn circumcision?

Yes. We routinely perform circumcision in our office for newborns less than one month of age.

My newborn has not had a bowel movement today. Is this normal?

Yes. Bowel movement frequency can be inconsistent. Infrequent bowel movements associated with poor feeding, jaundice, hard formed stools, blood in the stools or repeated vomiting warrants medical attention.

Which cough/cold medicines do you recommend for children under two years of age?

Cough and cold medications should not be given to young children as they are not effective and can cause serious side effects.